About Us

Garri Agricola S.L. is a company set up for our own production of fresh fruits and vegetables distribution.

The organization turns up due to the European´s supply chains need for a good quality and work in situ.

To achieve our target:


An ideal acknowledge of the working areas we work in.


A wide range of the Spanish´s star products.

Own products

The continuous incensement of our own products.


Up to date equipment according to the quality rules and European regulation: GLOBALG.A.P., ISO etc…


Faithful suppliers concerned about the demands of supermarkets and our customer satisfaction.


A fast and completed reaction from our work team.

Spot checks

Spot checks of our costumer´s goods.

Garri Agrícola

Our Objetives


Constant innovation of the upgrade of our product varieties.


Perfect management of the production and logistic guaranteeing the “tight flow” distribution and massive quality for ours costumers.

Own production

Development of our own productions for the improvement of the quality and merchandising.


Ideal packaging.